Every employee has untapped potential that both you and they wish to uncover. A genuinely engaged employee is one who can reach this potential. They are employees who are passionate about achieving company objectives because they are achieving their own through your work.

At DOTMENT, we work with companies on genuinely engaging their employees by acknowledging the employee full spectrum and making both you and they go above and beyond.


DOTMENT Enrollment
Attaining and retaining best-fit employees by engaging them early on.

DOTMENT Establishment
Setting the fundamentals your employees need to thrive by getting their buy-in on your strategy, making them live your brand values, and creating the right physical and digital work environments.

DOTMENT Alignment
Tailor-making internal communications that are engaging and result-oriented.

DOTMENT Fulfillment
Enabling employees to become the best possible versions of themselves.



What kind of first impression are you giving?

Employee engagement is not exclusive to longstanding employees. Your ENROLLMENT stages are a critical part of the experience of candidates, whether you hire them or not. Their experience can make or break how engaged they are down the line.

Almost 17% of employees leave their jobs before their third month, mainly because they either feel like they don’t belong, or they were not a good fit for the company from the start.

Creating an engaging perception and a smooth entry into your company are key.

DOTMENT ENROLLMENT is all about early on engagement where we focus on attaining and retaining best-fit employees.



What foundations are you setting with your employees?

Getting employees engaged in the fundamentals of your company is the only adequate way to build long-term engagement. Less than 40% of employees know their company’s core values, and only 29% can correctly identify their company’s strategy. 30% of employees believe that comfortable work environments increase their productivity.

When employees are involved in your strategy, when they truly live your values, and when they work in empowering physical and digital environments, they are engaged on a personal level and feel invested in their work.

DOTMENT ESTABLISHMENT sets the fundamentals your employees need to thrive.



How well are your internal communications working?

Effective internal communication should ideally yield one of three results; creating awareness, inspiring action or changing behavior. The key to achieving these results is effective employee ALIGNMENT.

Highly effective internal communication makes companies 1.7 times more likely to outperform their rivals. When employees are regularly and properly aligned, their hearts and minds are more effectively engaged in the business.

DOTMENT Alignment ensures your internal communications are tailored, engaging and result-oriented.



How meaningful are your employees’ roles?

Employees today aspire to find purpose through their work. They seek to be part of a business they can develop through and foster their own sense of self-actualization.

83% of employees identify finding meaning in day-to-day work as a top priority, ranking higher than pay and benefits. Giving them opportunities for self-fulfillment within their work scopes is certainly a worthwhile investment.

DOTMENT FULFILLMENT focuses on engaging your employees’ personal facets to help them become the best possible versions of themselves, both for themselves and your company.

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