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Every employee has untapped potential that both you and them wish to uncover. A genuinely engaged employee is one who can reach this potential. They are employees who are passionate about achieving company objectives because they are achieving their own through your company.

If having engaged employees can save U.S. companies up to $550 billion a year in lost productivity, imagine what having genuinely engaged employees can do. It’s those employees that take companies – if not entire industries – to the next level.

At DOTMENT, we work with companies on genuinely engaging their employees by acknowledging the employee full spectrum and making both you and them go above and beyond.

Our Values

Yes, we can.

For us, work is personal.

Optimization champions.

The best way is always under development.

Led by ideas.

The winning idea ever-prevails.

Value seekers.

We constantly evolve and evolve others.

Inclusive individualism.

We are a harmonious team that is both diverse and diversely skilled.

Human to human.

People always come first. Always.

Rules still rule.

We like data, standards and details.



2015 | Shortlisted for the Daman Corporate Health Award for Best Internal Campaign

2016 | Shortlisted among the top 3 Best Overall Integrated Campaign for Daman Corporate Health Awards for Wellness Program

Intranet Design

2016 | Received the OPCA for Intranet Redesign

2017 | Shortlisted for Best Intranet Design Award by Nielsen Norman

2017 | 2016/2017 Stevie Award for Best Intranet Design

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